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More traffic accidents in Poland now involve drivers from other countries. That’s where MOTOEXPERT steps in. We offer services to check and handle the damages if a foreign driver causes an accident in Poland. Our team helps Polish drivers get the most money they can after such accidents.

For victims from other countries, like those with vehicles from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland hit by Polish drivers, we’re here too. Our independent experts thoroughly check the damage and make detailed reports for insurance. We also walk victims through the insurance process, making sure they get the full amount they should for repairs and other costs.

MOTOEXPERT’s post-accident support services

Our help extends to getting back the money spent on expert damage assessments in Poland. Lawyers we work with are key in getting victims the proper compensation.

In more severe cases, like when damages are big, MOTOEXPERT offers a different way to pay for post-accident checks with foreign cars in Poland. With an assignment of receivables, we can bill the insurance company directly for these costs. This means the victim doesn’t have to pay up front.

Key Takeaways

  • MOTOEXPERT provides comprehensive services to evaluate and process damages resulting from traffic accidents with foreigners in Poland.
  • Our team of independent automotive experts conducts thorough assessments and prepares detailed technical reports for insurance claims.
  • We guide clients through the complexities of insurance procedures to ensure they receive full compensation for repair costs and other expenses.
  • Victims can recover the cost of independent technical opinions commissioned regarding damages incurred in Poland.
  • MOTOEXPERT offers non-cash settlement options and can directly bill the responsible insurance company for expert assessment costs.

Introduction to Car Claim Services Poland MOTOEXPERT

MOTOEXPERT is a top provider for vehicle damage claims help in Poland. They help Polish drivers in accidents with outsiders. The team focuses on independent damage assessments, insurance claim procedures, and collision repair. This ensures drivers get all they deserve.

Expert Assistance for Vehicle Damage Claims

MOTOEXPERT leverages their experience to aid in cross-border accident claims. They offer comprehensive post-accident support. This support aims to secure the best compensation for Polish drivers.

Reliable Solutions for Polish Drivers

The experts at MOTOEXPERT are well-versed in Polish and German insurance systems. They excel in expert car claim services. Services include vehicle damage assessments, insurance claim processing, and collision repair facilitation. These services ensure drivers get full compensation.

Accident with a Foreigner in Poland

Have you had a car accident in Poland with a foreigner? MOTOEXPERT is here to help. They offer a valuation of the damage by car experts. After a deep inspection, they provide a detailed report.

This report helps the Polish driver get the right insurance money.

Independent Valuation of Damage After an Accident

MOTOEXPERT’s team evaluates and measures your car’s damage from the accident. If you pay for their assessment, the cost might be covered.

Assistance with Insurance Claim Procedures

MOTOEXPERT helps with the tough insurance claim procedures. They work with foreign insurers to ensure you get the compensation you need. For big damages, they offer an option to get paid without money changing hands.

If you’re hit by a foreign driver in Poland, call MOTOEXPERT for help and to better understand the valuation process. They can also help with legal matters related to the accident, working with experienced lawyers.

Wycena Szkody Po Wypadku w Niemczech (Damage Assessment After an Accident in Germany)

At MOTOEXPERT, we know how vital a detailed damage check is after a crash in Germany. Our independent specialists carefully inspect your car. They create a thorough technical report that’s key in getting full insurance compensation in Germany.

Professional and Free Damage Valuation

Handing your case to us means our experts will evaluate your car’s damage for free. They are highly skilled in this and give a detailed assessment. This helps you get the most compensation possible.

Full Compensation for Vehicle Repair and Costs

We excel at working with German insurers to get you full compensation. This includes the repair costs and other accident-related bills. We aim to return your car to its former glory and help cover all expenses.

Types of Damages After an Accident in Germany

When Polish drivers face an accident in Germany, they can seek compensation. This includes personal injury, property damage, and financial losses. MOTOEXPERT helps clients get full payments for all their losses.

Personal Injury Damages

Personal injury costs cover medical care and rehab. It also includes lost income if a disability keeps you from working after the accident. MOTOEXPERT supports clients to ensure they cover these bills and get better.

Property Damages

Property damage costs include fixing or replacing your car and any other damaged items. MOTOEXPERT uses expert evaluations to make sure Polish drivers get full payments from the German insurance. This covers fixes or the car’s value if it’s totaled.

Financial Losses

After an accident, Polish drivers might lose money from work and spend extra on things like a rental car. MOTOEXPERT helps them claim the most for their financial hit. This includes income loss and other expenses related to the accident.

Car Claim Services Poland MOTOEXPERT

Car Claim Services Poland MOTOEXPERT is a top choice for helping Polish drivers in accidents. They work both in Poland and abroad. Their team offers a variety of services, from checking your car’s damage to helping with insurance claims and repairs. MOTOEXPERT wants to make sure every driver gets the most money they can, no matter where the accident was.

After an accident, MOTOEXPERT supports Polish drivers as they deal with their claims. This help is useful for accidents involving foreigners in Poland or if you were driving in Germany. They work hard to get you the full compensation for any damages and losses.

MOTOEXPERT does detailed checks on your car’s damage, handles your insurance claim fast, and helps with repairs. They aim to get Polish drivers as much money as possible. Their team knows a lot about both Polish and German insurance, making it easier to deal with issues after an accident.

No matter if your accident was in Poland or Germany, MOTOEXPERT is there for you. They are a reliable partner, making sure you get what you’re owed. With their help, getting your life back on track after an accident is more straightforward and less costly.

On-Site Damage Assessment in Germany

Accidents in Germany need careful checks on vehicle damage. MOTOEXPERT offers on-site checks. These are done by

independent automotive experts.

They look at the vehicle in detail. They write down and photo the damages. Then, they make a thorough

technical report and repair cost estimate.

We use independent experts for fairness. They aren’t tied to the insurance company. This means the report is honest. It helps Polish drivers get all the money they need for fixing their car after an accident.

Getting a damage check in Germany helps Polish drivers a lot. It gives a clear statement of what’s wrong. This makes dealing with insurance easier. And it helps drivers get the full pay they should.

Damage Assessment After Returning to Poland

After the Polish driver returns home, MOTOEXPERT can help with damage assessment. The insurer usually picks an expert to check the damages. But, this expert might undervalue how bad the damages are because they work for the insurance company.

Insurance Company-Appointed Expert

When an expert chosen by the insurer checks the vehicle, the evaluation could favor the insurer. This means the damage could be seen as less severe, which might reduce the compensation the Polish driver gets.

Objective Assessment Without Insurer Influence

MOTOEXPERT suggests using an independent expert for a fair assessment in Germany. This ensures a more truthful review. The goal is to make sure the Polish driver is fairly compensated for any needed repairs or a new vehicle.

Compensation for Damaged Vehicles in Germany

If a vehicle is damaged in Germany, the Polish driver gets money for repairs or the vehicle’s pre-accident value if it’s totaled. Compensation for damaged vehicles in Germany is crucial. MOTOEXPERT helps clients through this process.

Repair Costs and Total Loss Claims

Experts at MOTOEXPERT figure out repair costs. They make sure everything is covered to fix the car right. Sometimes, if repairs cost more than 130% of the car’s value, it’s a total loss. Then, the driver gets money that equals the car’s value before the accident minus what it’s worth broken.

Compensation for Loss of Use of Vehicle

When a Polish driver has a car accident in Germany, they get money for the repair time. This money covers the days they can’t use their car. The amount they get depends on the type of car they have.

Daily Rental Rates Based on Vehicle Model

A Volkswagen Golf might have a daily rate of 45 EUR. But, a luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz E-Class could cost 75 EUR a day. MOTOEXPERT can guide drivers through this process. They help make sure drivers are fully compensated for not having their car.

Vehicle Model Daily Rental Rate (EUR)
Volkswagen Golf 45
Mercedes-Benz E-Class 75
BMW 3 Series 60
Opel Astra 40
Skoda Octavia 50

MOTOEXPERT helps Polish drivers get the right compensation. They ensure drivers get paid for the time their car is out for repair. The payment matches the daily rates for similar replacement cars.

Compensation for Personal Injuries in Germany

In Germany, if an accident causes personal injuries, a Polish driver might get compensated. This compensation covers medical care, rehab, and lost income. The insurance company pays for medical bills and treatments needed for recovery, like physical therapy.

Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation Costs

The compensation includes full medical and rehab costs for injuries. It means medical care for the Polish driver can be completely paid for, without any extra costs.

Lost Income and Disability Benefits

If the injuries lead to not being able to work or permanent disability, there’s help. The driver can get money for lost work time and might get disability benefits. This financial support aims to keep the driver stable during recovery and if the disability is long-lasting.

MOTOEXPERT guides Polish clients in Germany to claim the full compensation for their injuries. They support clients through complicated claim processes. This ensures they get enough to cover their medical bills and lost wages, leading to a full financial recovery.

Reporting an Accident Claim in Germany

When Polish drivers have an accident in Germany, there are a few ways they can report the claim. One way is to directly contact the German insurance company of the at-fault driver. This is the most direct way. Also, many German insurance companies have offices in Poland. They can help with contacting the insurer and claims procedures.

German Insurance Company

Contacting the German insurance company of the at-fault driver is straightforward. These insurers know how to handle claims from different countries. This makes it easier for Polish drivers to file a claim successfully. Talking to the German insurer can help ensure damage assessment, repair cost calculations, and negotiating your compensation are done promptly.

Insurer’s Polish Representative Office

Some German insurance companies have offices in Poland. These offices help Polish drivers by speaking their language and providing local support. They act as a bridge between the Polish driver and the insurer. Using these local offices can make the whole claims process easier for you.

Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau

Another way to file an accident claim is through the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau. This group figures out which German insurer is responsible and helps with the entire claims process. Working with this bureau is good because they know how to deal with cross-border accident compensation well.

Choosing any approach doesn’t have to be confusing. MOTOEXPERT is here to guide and support Polish drivers. We aim to help you get the most compensation for your accident damages and losses in Germany.

Professional Assistance from MOTOEXPERT

When in an accident in Germany, Polish drivers get great help from MOTOEXPERT. This company has a team that knows a lot about Polish and German insurance claims. They make sure everything goes smoothly, even in complex cases.

MOTOEXPERT helps from the very beginning to the end. They check the damage and help file the insurance claim. Then, they support you until you get the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Why Choose Car Claim Services Poland MOTOEXPERT?

Car Claim Services Poland MOTOEXPERT stands out in dealing with accident claims. We offer unique benefits. With rich experience, personalized solutions, and a focus on getting you the most compensation, we’re the top choice. This is specially for Polish drivers who want expert help after an accident.

Extensive Experience

Our team knows a lot about dealing with vehicle damage and personal injury cases. We have a team of experts in cars and law. They know all about the legal and insurance details of claims, especially those that go across borders. This deep knowledge helps us handle even the most complicated cases.

Tailored Solutions

Every accident is different, needing its own approach. That’s why our help at MOTOEXPERT is always customized for each client. We make sure our support fits perfectly with what you need. This approach boosts your chances of a positive result.

Maximized Compensation

Getting you the full compensation is our goal. We focus on every detail to make sure you get what you deserve. This includes all costs related to the accident, covering the repair of your vehicle, personal injury claims, and financial losses. Our hard work is all about helping you get back on track.


In summary, Car Claim Services Poland MOTOEXPERT is a top choice for Polish drivers after accidents in Poland or abroad. They assist with insurance claims and ensure proper vehicle damage checks. Their team helps clients get the most out of their claim money.

MOTOEXPERT ensures Polish drivers get the full compensation they deserve. Their knowledge in car claim services is unmatched. They make sure clients understand the insurance claim process and help in car repairs.

They offer help in every step, from assessing damages to claim processing. MOTOEXPERT is committed to easing the stress of accident claims for Polish drivers. They work to secure as much compensation as possible.


What services does Car Claim Services Poland MOTOEXPERT offer?

Car Claim Services Poland MOTOEXPERT offers detailed services for accidents with foreigners in Poland. They conduct inspections to assess vehicle damage. They help with insurance claims and ensure you receive repair and other costs back.

How can MOTOEXPERT help Polish drivers who have been involved in an accident with a foreigner?

MOTOEXPERT has a team focused on damage checks and insurance claims for such cases. They manage the repair process. This guarantees Polish drivers get the full compensation after accidents in Poland.

What services does MOTOEXPERT offer for Polish drivers involved in accidents in Germany?

In Germany, MOTOEXPERT offers free damage evaluations by independent experts. These experts thoroughly check the vehicle and create a detailed report. This report ensures you get full compensation from the German insurer for all expenses from the accident.

What types of damages can Polish drivers claim after an accident in Germany?

After a German accident, Polish drivers can claim for injuries, vehicle or property damage, and money lost. These claims cover medical costs, rehab, lost wages, vehicle repair or new purchase, and any other expenses.

How can Polish drivers report an accident claim in Germany?

To report an accident claim in Germany, drivers can contact the insurer directly. They can also go through their Polish office or the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau. MOTOEXPERT helps with the best reporting method and communicates with the involved parties.

Why should Polish drivers choose MOTOEXPERT for assistance with accident claims?

MOTOEXPERT has a lot of experience with vehicle damage and personal injury claims. They tailor their services to your needs and make sure you get the most compensation for your losses and damages.