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Did you know the auto collision repair industry in Poland makes over $1 billion yearly? MOTOEXPERT is Poland’s top auto collision specialist, leading in this market. We offer expert care and full solutions for your repair needs. Our facilities are top-notch and trusted by major insurers. We have a team of certified technicians. MOTOEXPERT works hard to make your vehicle beautiful, safe, and valuable again.

Need dent removal, paintless dent repair, frame straightening, or color matching? MOTOEXPERT has all the collision repair services you need. It doesn’t matter if you had a minor bump or a big accident. Our experts can fix any collision damage. They’ll make sure your car looks and runs like it’s brand new.

Key Takeaways

  • MOTOEXPERT is Poland’s leading auto collision specialist, offering full vehicle repair solutions.
  • Insurance companies trust our state-of-the-art facilities and certified technicians.
  • We provide a broad set of collision repair services including dent removal and frame straightening.
  • MOTOEXPERT aims to make your car beautiful, safe, and valuable again.
  • We focus on top-quality work and customer satisfaction. That’s why we’re the top choice in Poland for collision repair.

Welcome to MOTOEXPERT: Poland’s Premier Auto Collision Specialists

We’re MOTOEXPERT, Poland’s top spot for fixing crashes, striving for the best service and top quality. Trusted by big insurance names, we have modern facilities. Here, the latest tech and gear are used to fix your car right.

Exceptional Service and Quality Workmanship

Our certified experts cover everything from simple repairs to full car rebuilds. They ensure your vehicle both looks good and runs well. We’re all about the small details and making our work stand out for you.

Trusted by Major Insurance Companies

Big insurance names trust us at MOTOEXPERT to fix their customers’ cars. This trust shows our work is top-notch and meets high standards. We’re committed to going above and beyond for vehicle repairs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Equipment

Our workshop is packed with the newest tech and tools. This means our team can do their job with precision and reliability. With the latest diagnostic gear and repair tools, we’re ready to get your car back to pre-accident shape.

Our Comprehensive Collision Repair Services

At MOTOEXPERT, we cover all your car repair needs. Our experts are skilled in dent removal and paintless dent repair. They use new methods to fix car panels without harming the original paint. For big repairs, like frame straightening, we make sure your car is safe and strong again.

Dent Removal and Paintless Dent Repair

Our team is great at fixing dents and dings without harming your car’s paint. We use special tools and the latest technology. This keeps your car looking great, without the blemishes caused by dents.

Frame Straightening and Structural Repairs

If your car has serious damage, we can help. Our team is top-notch at straightening frames and doing major repairs. We make sure your car’s structure is just like new, keeping you and your family safe on the road. Whether frame straightening or big structural repairs, we’re the ones to trust at MOTOEXPERT.

Expert Color Matching and Paint Refinishing

Making your car look as good as new is what we do best at MOTOEXPERT. Our color matching and paint refinishing process makes your car’s paint look seamless. From paint refinishing Krakow to full MOTOEXPERT car restoration, we have what it takes to make your car beautiful again.

Specialized European Vehicle Repair

At MOTOEXPERT, we’re experts in fixing European cars. Our team knows how to work on BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen cars. We’re an official repair center for these famous brands. We use the best parts and tech to make sure your car is like new.

BMW Collision Repair Experts

MOTOEXPERT is your best choice for BMW collision repair in Poland. We fix everything from small dents to big damages. Our experts understand these cars inside out. With the latest tools, we’ll get your BMW looking perfect again.

Mercedes-Benz Authorized Body Shop

In Wroclaw, MOTOEXPERT is the top spot for Mercedes-Benz collision repair. Our team is ready for any repair your Mercedes needs. With their deep knowledge and specific training, they’ll make your car just like new.

Volkswagen Auto Body Specialists

We’re honored to be known for Volkswagen auto body repair in Poznan. Our work makes your Volkswagen look and feel new again. From fixing dents to refinishing paint, we do it all with great skill and care.

Auto Collision Specialist Poland MOTOEXPERT

Here at MOTOEXPERT, we are Poland’s top choice for auto collision repairs. We handle everything from small dents to big structural fixes. Our work is known for being excellent, making us the favorite for anyone needing their car fixed. We take pride in our top-notch repairs and aim to make every customer happy.

Knowing the true value of your car is key for post-accident checks. Our MOTOEXPERT team knows the local car market well. So, we offer fair and accurate valuations. On the other hand, some German experts undervalue Polish cars by up to 30% for various reasons.

Our appraisers at MOTOEXPERT are experts in the Polish car scene and are excellent at their job. They combine insight on both the Polish and German markets for the best results. Their experience means you’ll get the best valuations, especially for cars damaged in Germany.

We are dedicated to giving our clients top-quality service at MOTOEXPERT. Whether you need your car evaluated, motorcycle appraised, or repairs estimated for insurance, we’re here to help. Trust us at MOTOEXPERT to bring your vehicle back to its former glory and protect your investment.

Lifetime Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

At MOTOEXPERT, our work quality is backed by a full MOTOEXPERT lifetime warranty. This warranty covers your vehicle no matter what collision repair services you’ve had done. You won’t have to worry about your car as long as you own it. This shows our commitment to keeping you worry-free and making sure your car is in great hands.

Choosing MOTOEXPERT means your vehicle’s repair is fully protected. Our skilled team ensures top-notch repair work. And with our lifetime warranty, any future issues get quick and effective attention. This unique care makes us the top choice for auto collision needs in Poland.

We value your vehicle’s safety and top performance. That’s why our lifetime warranty is here to give you peace of mind. Feel confident to hit the road again knowing MOTOEXPERT has you covered. Feel the difference and know your collision repair needs are fully protected with our lifetime warranty.

The MOTOEXPERT Advantage

Choosing MOTOEXPERT opens doors to top-notch benefits. Our crew, made up of MOTOEXPERT certified technicians, is not just skilled but rigorously trained. They fix your ride with true care and skill, only using genuine OEM parts.

Our repair centers are kitted out with the latest advanced collision repair technology. This way, we ensure you get back on the road in superb shape. MOTOEXPERT’s edge shines in the auto repair arena.

Certified Technicians

Our MOTOEXPERT certified technicians go all out, offering top-notch work with a keen eye for detail. With lots of experience and regular training, there’s no job too big. We make sure your car looks and performs like new.

Genuine OEM Parts

MOTOEXPERT only trusts the best for your vehicle repairs. We go straight to the source for genuine OEM parts. This means your car gets what it was made to have, keeping it running smoothly.

Using original parts lets us keep your car’s integrity intact. You can relax knowing only the finest pieces are being used on your vehicle.

Advanced Repair Technologies

Our centers are packed with the newest advanced collision repair technology. With this tech, we nail every repair. Need frame work or a match for your car’s color? We’ve got it all covered.

These advanced tools and methods ensure your ride looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Both its looks and the structure beneath will be as good as new.

Restoring Your Vehicle’s Beauty and Safety

At MOTOEXPERT, we focus on bringing back your car’s beauty and safety. Our team handles each repair with great care. This ensures everything is done right.

Attention to Detail

Our experts are very thorough. They take apart broken parts carefully and then put them back precisely. This detailed work lets us fix even the tiniest problems. As a result, your car looks and works like it did before.

Precise Color Matching

MOTOEXPERT is known for getting your car’s paint color just right. Thanks to our modern technology and skilled painters, we can make the new paint blend in perfectly. The end result is a car that looks brand new.

Strict Quality Control

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We check and test everything we do to make sure it’s top-notch. This way, your car remains safe, strong, and high-quality after the repairs.

Service Description Expertise
Restoring your vehicle’s beauty and safety with meticulous attention to detail Certified technicians with extensive experience in collision repair
Precise color matching to seamlessly blend new paint with the existing finish State-of-the-art color matching technology and expert paint specialists
Strict quality control measures to ensure the highest standards of workmanship Comprehensive inspections and testing throughout the repair process
Maintaining the structural integrity and overall quality of your vehicle Advanced repair technologies and certified technicians

Convenient Locations Across Poland

At MOTOEXPERT, we take pride in offering a wide network of auto body shop near me centers in Poland. You’ll find us in cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, and more. Our MOTOEXPERT collision repair locations Poland are strategically placed for your convenience. You won’t have to go far for top-notch collision repair service.

Our reach extends to every corner of the country. Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, MOTOEXPERT is always close by. We’re committed to making collision repair services easy to access and hassle-free. With our many locations, we aim to get your vehicle back quickly and smoothly.

MOTOEXPERT is your go-to for any repair needs, from minor dents to major overhauls. Our shops employ skilled technicians and use cutting-edge equipment. This means your car will get expert care every time.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

At MOTOEXPERT, we’re thrilled by the amazing feedback from our happy customers. Our focus on top-notch service and quality is clear in the many great MOTOEXPERT customer reviews from drivers all over Poland. Their trust shows in the way they talk about our ability to make their vehicles look fantastic again.

Customers love the service and care they get from our team of pros. For example, Maria Kowalska said, „I was unsure at first, but the MOTOEXPERT team went above and beyond. They managed my collision repair satisfaction Poland job with utmost professionalism. Plus, my car looks like new.”

Tomasz Nowak also had great things to say, „I’ve been to other shops, but none match MOTOEXPERT’s skill and thoroughness. The MOTOEXPERT customer reviews don’t lie. If you need collision repairs, they’re the place to go.”

Customer Name Review Highlights Rating
Katarzyna Wiśniewska Exceptional service, professional staff, and high-quality workmanship. Highly recommend MOTOEXPERT for all collision repair needs. 5/5
Michał Baran MOTOEXPERT exceeded my expectations. They handled the entire repair process seamlessly, and my car looks better than ever. Extremely satisfied with the collision repair satisfaction Poland. 4.9/5
Aleksandra Zieliński I was skeptical at first, but the team at MOTOEXPERT proved me wrong. They restored my car to its original condition with precision and care. I’m impressed with the MOTOEXPERT customer reviews. 4.8/5

These reviews prove how dedicated we are at MOTOEXPERT to giving the best service and collision repair satisfaction Poland. Knowing our team is trusted makes us very proud. We’re always ready to help drivers all over the country.

Get a Free Estimate Today

Has your car been in an accident? You should reach out to MOTOEXPERT for a free, no-obligation estimate. Our team will carefully look at the damage. Then, they’ll give you a detailed quote for MOTOEXPERT free collision repair estimate and auto body repair quote Poland. We know getting your car fixed fast is vital. So, we’re here to help at every step. Get in touch for your free estimate. Let MOTOEXPERT handle your collision repair needs.

Service Price Range
Dent Removal 150 – 500 PLN
Paintless Dent Repair 300 – 800 PLN
Frame Straightening 800 – 2,500 PLN
Paint Refinishing 500 – 2,000 PLN


As Poland’s top MOTOEXPERT for auto collisions, we focus on top-notch service and quality work. We have advanced facilities and skilled staff using real OEM parts. This makes us your best choice for all MOTOEXPERT car repairs.

Need dent fixing, frame bending, fresh paint, or work on European cars? MOTOEXPERT is here to fully fix your car after any accident.

We offer a lifetime guarantee and many places across Poland for your convenience. As the top MOTOEXPERT in collision repair, we provide a full range of services. This ensures your car looks as good as new when we’re done.

At MOTOEXPERT, we know you want your car back fast and fixed right. We’re committed to every step of the repair process with special care. Trust us, the leading MOTOEXPERT in Poland, to heal your car and give you peace of mind.


What services does MOTOEXPERT offer?

MOTOEXPERT provides many services for repair after a collision. They can remove dents, do paintless dent repair, and fix frames. They also do structural repairs and match your car’s color perfectly. Their expertise extends to fixing European cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.

What sets MOTOEXPERT apart from other auto collision specialists in Poland?

MOTOEXPERT is known for their top-notch facilities and skilled technicians. They use only genuine OEM parts and the latest in repair tech. Plus, they work with major insurance companies and guarantee their repairs for life.

How can I get a free estimate for my vehicle’s collision repair needs?

Contact MOTOEXPERT for a free, no-obligation estimate. After reaching out, their team will inspect your vehicle’s damage. Then, they’ll give you a detailed quote for the fixes needed.

Does MOTOEXPERT have multiple locations in Poland?

Yes, MOTOEXPERT has several collision repair centers all over Poland. You can find them in cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and more.

What kind of warranty does MOTOEXPERT offer on their collision repair work?

They offer a strong lifetime warranty on both workmanship and materials. This means your vehicle stays covered as long as you have it.

How does MOTOEXPERT ensure the quality of their work?

MOTOEXPERT makes sure their work is top-notch through careful steps. They match your car’s color exactly and pay close attention to detail. Their certified technicians are skilled and dedicated to making your car look like new.

What feedback do MOTOEXPERT’s customers provide?

People all over Poland love MOTOEXPERT’s service and quality. They are happy with how the company restores their cars after accidents.