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Did you know Poland’s motorcycle parts and accessories market will grow by over 8% every year? It will hit a huge $1.2 billion by 2025. This shows a big demand for quality motorcycle items in Poland. And KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is right at the heart of this trend. They offer top-grade parts, accessories, and expert advice for all riders.

KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT began with a deep love for powersports and a goal to please customers. It’s become a trusted spot for motorcycle lovers. Whether you need motorcycle parts, automotive supplies, biker gear, or motorbike components, they’ve got you covered. This company provides everything riders in Poland and all over Europe need for their biking journeys.

Key Takeaways

  • KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is a leading provider of high-quality motorcycle parts, accessories, and expert advice for riders in Poland and across Europe.
  • The company offers an extensive range of motorcycle equipment and powersports merchandise, catering to the diverse needs of two-wheeler enthusiasts.
  • KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is committed to customer satisfaction and provides personalized support to its clients.
  • The company’s product portfolio includes a wide selection of Polish motorcycle accessories and two-wheeler products.
  • KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is poised to capitalize on the growing moto enthusiast shop market in Poland and beyond.

Introduction to KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT

KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is a top player in Poland’s motorcycle parts and accessories scene. It has built an impressive reputation since starting in 2009. A group of motorbike fans and experts created it, inspired by their own struggles to find top-notch gear at good prices.

History and Origins of KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT

The founders saw a gap in the Polish market for reliable bike parts and gear. Determined to fill this, they started their business. Today, KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is known for serving riders well, thanks to their deep knowledge of the industry and customer-focused mindset.

Mission and Values of the Company

KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is all about making customers happy and celebrating the motorcycling world. Their goal is to give riders easy access to top-grade bike parts, gear, and expert advice. This helps bikers keep, upgrade, and personalize their rides.

They stick to strict values of being innovative, dependable, and always aiming to wow customers.

Extensive Range of Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

We at KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT are proud to offer a big variety of top-notch motorcycle parts and accessories. These meet the diverse needs of riders. You will find everything you need to maintain or upgrade your bike.

Engines and Powertrain Components

Our engine and powertrain parts range from pistons to transmissions and more. We know that keeping your motorcycle running perfectly is essential. That’s why we only offer parts from top manufacturers.

Braking Systems and Suspension Parts

We place a strong emphasis on rider safety. For this, we provide a wide range of brakes and suspension parts. Here, you can get high-quality brake parts or enhance your bike’s suspension for a smoother ride.

Bodywork and Fairings

It’s important to keep your motorcycle looking good and working well. Our bodywork and fairings collection is designed for this. You can find attractive replacement or custom parts that fit your style.

Being at KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT means having access to top motorcycle gear. Our passion for customer satisfaction and the vast range we offer make us the ideal choice. Polish motorcycle lovers can rely on us for the best gear.

Expert Advice and Consultations

At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, we know finding the right motorcycle parts is tough. This is especially true for new riders. We take pride in offering top-notch service and helpful advice. We make sure every customer, in-store or online, gets exactly what they need.

Experienced Technicians and Mechanics

Our team at KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT loves motorcycles. They are focused on helping riders keep their bikes in top shape. These experts bring years of experience and keep up with the latest in bike tech. They give custom advice to meet each rider’s specific needs.

Personalized Service and Support

Everyone at KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT believes in personalized service. Our staff carefully listens to what each customer wants. Then, they suggest the best parts tailored to the rider’s style. Whether it’s about engines, brakes, or looks, we’re here to make sure you’re happy with your choices.

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

We know our motorcycle parts need to work well for our customers to be happy. That’s why making sure they’re reliable and perform great is very important to us. We focus on making our customers satisfied through quality assurance and great products.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

Our team checks every item in our store very carefully. We want to be sure they are top quality in performance, last a long time, and are safe. Skilled technicians and engineers put each part through tough tests, making sure they work in real-world situations. This effort means you can trust the KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT name.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

We get a lot of good feedback from people who buy from us. You can see all the good things they say on our website and from talking to them. This feedback shows our dedication to doing our best for every person who uses our parts. We aim to provide top-notch quality and service for all motorcycle riders.

KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT Quality Indicators Performance Durability Safety
Rigorous Testing
Customer Satisfaction 96% 94% 99%
Reliability Rating 4.9/5 4.8/5 5/5


At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, we aim to be your top choice for motorcycle parts and accessories. We offer competitive rates on our quality products. This means you can get what you need without spending too much.

Competitive Pricing and Discounts

Being affordable matters a lot to riders. That’s why we focus on fair pricing at KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT. Our team works hard to get great deals from suppliers. Then, we share these savings with you through low prices and KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT discounts.

Convenient Online Shopping Experience

Shopping with us is easy and convenient. Our KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT online store is designed to make things simple. It lets riders easily find and buy Polish motorcycle parts and accessories from anywhere in Poland or around the world. With our reliable e-commerce services, it’s a breeze to shop.

Motorcycle Gear and Apparel

At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, we offer top-notch gear for bikers. Our goal is to keep you safe and comfy on the road. We’re the go-to source for KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT motorcycle gear. Our lineup covers all the essential riding needs.

Helmets and Protective Gear

Nothing matters more than your safety when you ride. That’s why we have a wide range of top-quality KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT helmets and KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT protective gear. Our helmets meet the strictest safety standards. This means you can ride knowing you’re well-protected.

Riding Jackets and Suits

Looking for the best riding jackets and suits? Look no further. We have a huge variety to choose from. Besides, our collection of KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT riding jackets and KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT riding suits, there’s much more. Our Polish motorcycle apparel is all about comfort, toughness, and keeping you safe.

Boots and Gloves

The right shoes and gloves are vital. At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, we’ve got you covered. Our range includes KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT boots and KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT gloves. You can count on us to keep your feet and hands safe, so you can focus on the joy of riding.

Specialized Services and Maintenance

At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, we go beyond just selling fantastic motorcycle parts. We understand our customers want more. So, we’ve created special services. They’re designed to meet a wide range of needs for our riders.

Motorcycle Detailing and Customization

Our team loves turning motorcycles into eye-catching art. We do everything from detailed cleaning to making custom bodywork. With our services, riders can enhance their bikes and the thrill of riding.

Repair and Restoration Services

Does your bike need regular care, big fixes, or a full rebirth? We’re here to make it better at KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT. Our repair and restoration services shine with our experience, advanced tools, and dedication to quality.

Our goal is to be the go-to place for all motorcycle care in Poland. This lets our customers just enjoy their ride. We take care of everything else.

Community Engagement and Events

At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, we know our work goes beyond just products and services. We actively support and organize motorcycle events across Poland. This helps create a strong community spirit among riders.

Motorcycle Rallies and Meetups

We host many KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT motorcycle rallies and KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT motorcycle meetups. These events are for all passionate riders from different backgrounds. They get to meet, share stories, and enjoy their common love for riding.

Charity Rides and Fundraisers

Being part of the community means giving back. We are proud of our KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT charity rides and KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT fundraisers. They help support various charities. These efforts not only unite the KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT community but also help those in need.

Partnerships and Collaborations

At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, we’ve built a strong network of partnerships in the Polish motorcycle parts industry. This network lets us offer our customers a wider range of high-quality products. These products meet various needs, thanks to our strong relationships.

Industry Experts and Brands

Our ties with top experts and famous motorcycle brands keep us ahead in trends and tech. We team up with these leaders to offer our customers unmatched product choices and advice.

This helps riders know they’re making smart choices in upgrading and modifying their motorcycles.

Racing and Performance Tuning

We’re close partners with famous racing teams and tuning experts. Thanks to these relationships, we can give customers the best racing parts and performance advice.

So, whether it’s for the track or making their bikes better for everyday use, we have the top solutions. Our strong partnerships lead the way in our industry.

E-Commerce and Delivery Options

At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, we aim to make shopping easy and straightforward. We’ve worked hard on our website and delivery services. This means motorcycle fans in Poland and elsewhere can get the parts and gear they want quickly.

Secure Online Payments

Shopping at our KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT online store is both easy and safe. We’ve put strong security in place to protect your payment details. We want you to shop with confidence, knowing your information is secure.

Nationwide and International Shipping

No matter where you are in Poland, we’ll get your items to you fast. Our delivery network covers the country, and we ship internationally too. We’re here to meet the needs of biking enthusiasts everywhere.

Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program

At KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, our customers’ loyalty means the world to us. We’ve set up a special customer loyalty and rewards program. It’s our way of saying thanks to those who pick us for their Polish motorcycle parts, accessories, and services.

Our KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT rewards program gives big perks to our top customers. They collect points for each buy. Then, these points turn into discounts, free items, or special services.

But wait, there’s more! We also throw awesome events and meet-ups. At these, our KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT customer loyalty members meet and mingle. Plus, they keep in the loop with what’s new in powersports.

We work hard to make a real community that rewards our supporters. This makes KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT stand out as the best spot for Polish motorcycle parts and accessories.

KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT Customer Loyalty Program Benefits Details
Earn Points for Purchases Customers earn points for every purchase made at KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT, which can be redeemed for discounts, free products, or special services.
Exclusive Discounts and Promotions Loyal customers receive exclusive access to discounts, sales, and promotional offers not available to the general public.
Priority Service and Support KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT customer loyalty members receive priority assistance from our expert technicians and customer service team.
Invitations to Special Events Loyal customers are invited to exclusive events, such as motorcycle rallies, meetups, and product launch parties, where they can network with fellow enthusiasts and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

We want our KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT customer loyalty program to really matter. It’s all about building a close and lasting connection with our customers. We look forward to being their top choice for Polish motorcycle parts and accessories.


In the fast-changing world of Polish motorcycle parts, KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is a top expert. We focus on making customers happy, selling high-quality items, and knowing what Polish bikers want. This has won us the respect and loyalty of riders across the country.

KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT aims to keep being the first choice for Polish motorcycle experts. We offer a wide range of products, personal advice, and new ideas. Our goal is to help bikers make the most of their rides and create amazing memories.

Looking for top-notch engine parts, the latest in safety gear, or services to customize your ride? KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT is ready to help. Our knowledge and care for our customers make us the top pick for Polish bikers wanting the finest. Visit us and join our community.


What kind of motorcycle parts and accessories does KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT offer?

KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT sells top-notch parts and accessories. These include stuff for the engine, brakes, and suspension. They also have bodywork and fairings.

What services does KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT provide?

KAKO offers more than just products. They give expert advice and personalized service. They do motorcycle detailing, repairs, and restorations.

How does KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT ensure the quality of its products?

The team at KAKO tests everything carefully. This guarantees their items are high-quality and safe for you to use.

What is KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT’s pricing and shopping experience like?

They balance competitive prices with top-notch quality. Their online store is easy to use. This makes shopping for parts, gear, and accessories simple.

What kind of motorcycle gear and apparel does KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT offer?

KAKO has a vast selection of quality helmets, jackets, boots, and gloves. These keep riders safe and cozy.

How does KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT engage with the powersports community?

They love supporting motorcycle events. By doing this, they help create a tight-knit community of riders in Poland.

What kind of partnerships and collaborations does KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT have?

KAKO has built strong bonds in the powersports world. They work with others to offer the best products and expertise to their customers.

Does KAKO Poland MOTOEXPERT offer a customer loyalty and rewards program?

Indeed, they do. Their loyalty program rewards riders who choose them. It’s a thank you for their support in buying motorcycle gear and services.