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Did you know that possessing a vehicle in Poland means you must pay for any damage it causes? This is established by the country’s Civil Code. It started in 1964 but has roots in a 1933 law. This makes the motor vehicle liability system in Poland pretty thorough. MotoExpert is here to help, offering advice on this complex area.

The key idea is strict liability. It holds the possessor of a vehicle responsible for any damage it causes. This is true even if they weren’t directly at fault. This rule can apply to anyone in „possession” of the vehicle, not just the owner. If drivers are not the owners, they can still be responsible for their mistakes. They might have to share in the costs with the vehicle’s possessor.

But, not every situation is cut and dry. For example, when it comes to damages from collisions between two vehicles, the fault does matter. The possessor’s liability can shift to be more based on who’s at fault in these circumstances. Also, the rule isn’t black and white in collision cases where someone like a friend or family member was injured. „Collision” here means more than just bumping into each other. It refers to those awkward moments when moving vehicles touch but keep on going.

Key Takeaways

  • The Polish Civil Code establishes a strict liability principle for possessors of vehicles, holding them accountable for damages caused by their vehicles.
  • Both independent and dependent possessors of vehicles can be held liable, and drivers who are not possessors can also be liable for their own fault.
  • There are exceptions to the strict liability rule, such as in counterclaims between possessors and cases of damage to persons carried by courtesy.
  • The concept of „collision” is broadly defined, covering physical contact between at least two moving vehicles.
  • MotoExpert, a leading expert in automotive collision expertise, can assist individuals and businesses with navigating the complex system of motor vehicle liability claims in Poland.

Introduction to Motor Vehicle Liability in Poland

In Poland, when it comes to vehicles, the main rule is strict liability. This means the owners of the vehicle are responsible for any harm it causes. This rule was first set down in 1933. Now, the current law confirms it in the Polish Civil Code.

Strict Liability for Vehicle Possessors

The person using or controlling the vehicle at the time is responsible for any harm it causes. If they were given the vehicle to use by someone else, then that person is responsible. Even drivers who don’t own the vehicle might have to pay if they caused the accident.

Exceptions to Strict Liability Rule

In some special situations, the rule changes. For example, when two vehicle owners argue who’s at fault for a crash, it’s not automatically one person’s fault. Also, if people are injured while being driven as a favor, the rule of fault-based applies.

„Collision” means at least two vehicles touch and move together. This definition is broad on purpose to protect everyone involved. It makes sure people have insurance under the KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT system.

Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

In Poland, all car owners must have civil liability insurance. This is in case their car causes harm in traffic. It’s part of the law, overseen by the Act on Compulsory Insurance and other authorities.

Overview of Insurance Requirements

This insurance covers anyone who drives the car and accidentally hurts someone or damages their property. It also includes coverage for passengers. They should share a vehicle with the driver (KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT).

Coverage Scope and Limits

This policy helps pay for any harm caused by the insured car. It includes help for both personal injury and property damage. The amount it covers is decided by the government and can change sometimes (KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT).

Direct Claims Against Insurers (Actio Directa)

If someone is hurt in a car accident, they can go straight to the insurance company for help. If the one who caused the trouble didn’t have insurance or ran away, the Insurance Guarantee Fund steps in to help (KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT).

In some cases, the insurer getting the claim can also go after the real person at fault. This might happen if the driver didn’t have a license or caused the accident while drunk.

Recoverable Losses Under Motor Insurance

In Poland, if you have a motor vehicle, you must have third party liability insurance. This insurance covers many losses from accidents, including property damage. Protecting victims is a main goal of this coverage.

Property Damage Compensation

If your vehicle is damaged in Poland, you can get it fixed using the insurance. This helps you get back to where you were before the accident. If your car is fully repaired but its resale value drops because of the accident, you can still get compensation for this loss of market value.

Loss of Market Value for Repaired Vehicles

Even after your car is fixed, it might be worth less because of the accident. In this case, you can claim for the loss of market value. This recognizes that a repaired car may sell for less than a similar one that was never in an accident.

Loss of Use Costs

Victims might also get money for loss of use. For example, they can be refunded for renting a car while theirs is being fixed. This helps them avoid trouble by not having a car during repairs.

The compensation depends on the accident’s details and the damage. MotoExpert can offer expert opinions to help with the claims. They make sure victims are properly compensated under the KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland system.


More German cars are on Poland’s roads, meaning more get damaged or stolen. MOTOEXPERT helps German car owners in Poland who face accidents or thefts. We offer special services just for them.

Our team speaks German and follows German laws, giving the right help. We check the cars in Poland, so they don’t need to go back to Germany. This saves time and hassle for the car owners.

Our expert opinions help with getting compensations. They detail all damage and cost, making the process easier. Plus, your insurance might cover our service fees.

MOTOEXPERT is here for German car owners in Poland. We make sure their claims are handled well and with care. We provide support in German, making everything smoother for our clients.

Claims Process for Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’re in a car accident in Poland, you can either claim directly from the driver’s insurer or from the Insurance Guarantee Fund. This is if the accident was caused by an uninsured driver or one you can’t identify. The process follows specific laws in the Polish Civil Code and the Compulsory Insurance Act.

Filing Claims with Insurers

The rules for claiming against an insurer are clear under Polish law. You can take your case to any court, making it more flexible for accident victims. This is mostly for your ease during the claims process.

Deadlines and Documentation Requirements

Knowing the right deadlines and what documents to provide is very important. It can help avoid problems with your claim. Our experts at KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT know how to help. They ensure you follow all the right steps for a better and faster result.

Role of the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau

The Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau (PMIB) is key in helping with car accident claims in Poland. It acts as both a place to get compensation and a place to find important claim info. The PMIB’s job is to make sure victims get the right compensation and know what to do next after an accident.

Compensation Body Functions

The PMIB pays out when a victim’s car damage is caused by an uninsured or unknown car. This is part of the law and certain agreements. By doing this, the PMIB supports the rights of KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT victims, making sure they’re not left with no help.

Information Center Responsibilities

Aside from giving out money, the PMIB also acts as an information center. It must give victims electronic access to all claim-related info. This openness makes the claim process easier and helps KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT claimants get their rightful support quickly.

The process in Poland can seem like a normal insurance setup for people involved in accidents. Most of the time, the PMIB or the at-fault party’s insurance covers the loss. The PMIB’s work in providing both money and information is crucial to this. It ensures KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT victims get the help and info they need after an accident.

Recourse Actions by Insurers

In Poland, insurance companies do more than pay people who get hurt in car accidents. The KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT team explains that insurers can take action against those who caused the accident. This is under certain conditions, of course.

The insurance company that pays a claim can then either sue the responsible person under regular rules or use a specific method. The KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT experts say this unique way is for cases involving compulsory car damage insurance. It lets the insurer claim money back from the car’s driver in special cases, for example, if they were drunk or had no license.

Recourse Action Type Legal Basis Applicability
Regular (General) Recourse Action Article 828, Polish Civil Code All motor vehicle liability claims
Sui Generis Recourse Action Article 43, Compulsory Insurance Act Compulsory motor third party liability insurance only

Through these actions, the KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN Poland MOTOEXPERT experts highlight how insurers recover payments in specific cases. This shows how the car insurance system in Poland covers many aspects, helping everyone involved fairly.

„The recourse actions available to insurers in Poland are a crucial component of the motor vehicle liability claims process, ensuring that the financial responsibility is properly allocated to the liable party.”

Motor Vehicle Damage Assessment by MotoExpert

MotoExpert is all about checking German cars harmed in Poland. Our experts know how cross-border car troubles can be tricky. We focus on deep assessments for German vehicles here.

Experienced Automotive Experts

Our seasoned pros check German vehicles that are damaged or stolen in Poland. They look into every part carefully to find out what’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if the car is in Poland already or brought from Germany, our local experts are ready to help.

German-Language Technical Opinions

If a German gets hurt in Poland, we help by giving opinions in German. This is done just like how Germany wants. It makes things easier for getting insurance money quickly and fairly.

If damage happens in Poland, our local experts can check the car. They write up the technical stuff in German without needing to send the car back to Germany. This saves a lot of time and makes the whole process simpler for the person in the accident.

The technical opinions from MotoExpert are key for getting the victim’s insurance to pay up. The money for our service is usually covered by the insurance company.

Benefits of MotoExpert’s Services

At MotoExpert, we know how hard it is for accident victims dealing with motor incidents across borders. That’s why we offer services making the claims process smooth for our clients, no matter if they’re in Poland or elsewhere.

Avoiding Transportation of Damaged Vehicles

Transporting a damaged vehicle can be a hassle, especially from Poland to Germany. This is usually needed to get a technical review for an insurance claim. Luckily, our local experts in Poland can check your car, saving you the trouble of moving it far away.

Timely and Efficient Claim Settlement

We aim to settle claims quickly at MotoExpert, ensuring our clients get their compensation soon. Our reports meet German standards approved by insurance companies, making the process easy. This reduces any waiting or issues our clients might face.

MotoExpert’s reports are trusted by most insurance companies. This means they’re likely to support our clients’ claims fast. With our help, you can trust your claim will be handled well, making your experience stress-free.

Cross-Border Motor Vehicle Claims

In Poland, if you have motor third party liability insurance, it doesn’t just cover incidents in Poland. It also covers incidents in countries that signed the Multilateral Agreement. These countries include EEA countries, Andorra, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Multilateral Agreement Coverage

The Multilateral Agreement helps victims of car accidents in Poland get compensation. It doesn’t matter if the accident happened outside Poland. This simplifies the claiming process for victims, giving them peace of mind.

MotoExpert’s Expertise in International Claims

MotoExpert specializes in dealing with international car claims. This includes cases where Germans get hurt in Poland. They can do assessments and issue technical reports in German. This service makes claiming much easier, without needing to move vehicles.

Legal Considerations in Motor Vehicle Liability Claims

In Poland, dealing with motor vehicle liability claims involves knowing various legal aspects. The Polish Civil Code and acts like the Compulsory Insurance Act, the Insurance Guarantee Fund Act, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau Act, and precedents from court play a huge role.

Applicable Laws and Regulations

Article 822 (4) of the Civil Code and the Compulsory Insurance Act’s article 19 discuss claiming against insurers. You can file your claim where you live or in a general court. Always follow set deadlines and provide needed documents for a KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN claim to avoid problems.

Court Jurisdiction and Procedures

Polish courts have explained important terms and rules in motor vehicle liability cases. For example, what a „collision” is and how insurance applies to cases with careless drivers not owning the vehicle. MOTOEXPERT knows the legal aspects well and helps claimants achieve successful results in Poland.


In Poland, if you own a vehicle, you are responsible for any harm it causes. This is mostly true with a few exceptions. The KFZ SCHADEN HAFTPFLICHTSCHADEN claims process is very detailed. It follows the law in Poland that includes the Civil Code and other Acts for insurance and damages. This process ensures both parties are treated fairly.

Summary of Key Points

By law, every vehicle must have insurance to cover injuries and damage to others. If there’s an accident, the victim can claim directly from the insurer (actio directa). This insurance lets people get money for the repair, value loss, and the time they can’t use the car.

MOTOEXPERT helps make filing claims easier, especially for international incidents. It provides expert checks on the vehicle’s damage. Their inspections include German technical reports. This service is key for getting the right claim amount.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Handling a claim in Poland involves knowing many laws and court rules. But, with MOTOEXPERT, the process is smooth. They are experts in dealing with liability claims for vehicle accidents.

Using MOTOEXPERT means no stress over getting your car checked in Poland. They help claim the money you’re entitled to. It’s a quick and easy way to handle an accident.


What is the legal basis for motor vehicle liability in Poland?

The Polish Civil Code makes owners responsible for vehicle damage from their cars. This principle has been around since 1933’s Code of Obligations. Now, it’s in articles 436 (1) CC and 435 (1) CC of the latest civil code.

Who is liable for motor vehicle accidents in Poland?

The person using the car, called an „independent possessor,” is usually held accountable. If someone else uses the car, they might also be responsible. This includes drivers who are not owners, if they caused the accident.

Are there any exceptions to the strict liability rule in Poland?

While most cases stick to strict liability, there are exceptions. For example, with counterclaims between car owners in a crash, and damage to guests of a car. In these cases, possession of the car’s key could matter.

How is the term „collision” defined in the Polish legal context?

Polish law sees „collision” as two or more cars touching while in motion. This legal definition applies to road accidents.

What are the insurance requirements for motor vehicle owners in Poland?

All car owners in Poland must have civil (third party) liability insurance. This insurance covers damage from accidents on the road. It’s required by law.

What does compulsory motor third party liability insurance cover in Poland?

Compulsory insurance covers civil liability for anyone driving the car with permission. It pays for property damage or injuries they cause to others. This also includes passengers who are car owners as well.

How can an injured party file a claim in Poland?

If you’re hurt in a car accident, you can claim directly from the at-fault party’s insurer. This is called „actio directa”. If the at-fault party is unknown or uninsured, claim through the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

When can an insurer file a recourse action in Poland?

The insurer can go to court for their money back if the driver was unlicensed or caused the accident while drunk on purpose. This is called a „recourse action”.

What types of losses can be recovered under motor insurance in Poland?

If your car is damaged, you can get the repair costs covered. Or if it’s already fixed, the loss of value can be claimed. You could also get money for a rental car while yours is repaired.

How can MotoExpert assist with motor vehicle damage claims in Poland?

MotoExpert offers expert opinions on car damage in Poland, even for German speakers. They avoid transporting the car for inspections, making everything easier.

What are the benefits of using MotoExpert’s services for motor vehicle claims in Poland?

With MotoExpert, there’s no need to take the damaged car to Germany for an expert opinion. This saves a lot of time and stress. They help make the claim process faster and smoother.

How does MotoExpert’s expertise help with cross-border motor vehicle claims?

MotoExpert’s ability to provide German reports in Poland makes claiming easier for foreigners. This avoids the trouble of moving the damaged vehicle, simplifying the whole process.

What are the key legal considerations in motor vehicle liability claims in Poland?

Vehicle claims in Poland follow several laws and rules. They need to meet specific deadlines and have the right documents. Missing these could mean losing your claim, so it’s crucial to get everything right.